NEW_Yellow_Sunburst.gif (1214 bytes)BEGINNER/STUDENT SET

A basic set of single-ended wood tools for the beginner or student.

Beginner Set jpg.jpg (33113 bytes) To get a clear idea of the size of the tools, we recommend that you hold an inch-scale ruler up to the one pictured.

Click on the illustration to see an enlarged view of this tools.

Beginner/Student Tools
BEG-1J Modeling Knife $20.00
BEG-2J Fine Modeling Knife $20.00
BEG-3J Modeling Claw $20.00
BEG-4J Contouring Spoon $20.00
BEG-5J Fang Tool $20.00
BEG-6J Cone Tool $20.00

BEG-7J Beginner/Student Set (All 6 tools) $100.00

Teacher's Special! Order 5 or more BEG-7J Beginner/Student Sets at the same time for the Teacher's Special price of $90.00 per set.