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HOW to Use the Five Basic Shapes

Each of the five basic shapes has a specific use.

  • Modeling Knife: Use the sides of the "blades" in dragging motions to smooth flat areas, to "erase" small bumps and irregularities, and to polish. Use the edges to indent (not cut) clay.
    Basic Modeling Knife.jpg (5969 bytes)

  • Princess Tool: A general modeling tool with many uses. One end is a curved modeling pick; the other, a "gentle" end with only a slight lift. Use the "points" of the tool for detailed modeling. Contour and polish with the flat upper surfaces. Do concave modeling and smoothing with the rounded bottom surfaces.
    Basic Princess Tool.jpg (7166 bytes)

  • Contouring Tool: Use the curved paddle (larger end) for contouring. Use the smaller "spoon" for concave and convex modeling.
    Basic Contouring Tool.jpg (5964 bytes)

  • Face Tool: This tool is thin and curved just right for shaping and contouring facial features (cheeks, smile lines) and expressions.
    Basic Face Tool.jpg (8202 bytes)

  • Rock 'N Roller: Use the "Roller" end to add lumps of clay by gently rolling it into place, and also to spin polish. The slightly angled "Rock"er end is used to shape the face once all the clay is in place. Both ends can be used to work between fingers.
    Basic Rock 'n Roller.jpg (6961 bytes)

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