NEW_Yellow_Sunburst.gif (1214 bytes)METAL MODELERS

Metal Modelers, our largest tips, have spatula widths of (approximately) 2 mm. These tips are made of silver. The tips are large enough for actual modeling. However, they can also be used for detailing on larger scales and for smoothing on larger areas (where a smaller tip might scratch rather than smooth).

Metal Modelers Jpg.jpg (36705 bytes)To get a clear idea of the size of the tools, we recommend that you hold an inch-scale ruler up to the one pictured.
Click on illustration to see enlarged views of top and sides of tips.

From top to bottom:
METM-1J Knife $25.00
METM-2J Chisel $25.00
METM-3J Straight Spatula $25.00
METM-4J Curved Spatula $25.00
METM-5J Curved Chisel $25.00
METM-6J Short Offset Spatula $25.00
METM-7J Spoon $25.00
METM-8J Oval Offset Spatula $25.00
METM-9J Metal Modelers Set (all 8 tools) $175.00