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Jenny Fay Tool
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Contouring Spoons Tool
Goddess Modeling Tool
Butter Knife & Magic Finger Tool

WAS-1J Jenny Fay Tool: Walter's named this tool design after a Fay or Fairy, because it is magic in the hands! He arrived at the design of the wood "modeling claw" by trial and error while modeling several thousand small figures. He wanted one general purpose modeling tool for any size figure -- but wanted the working parts of the tool to still be small enough for most detailed work. The "Modeling Claw" has enough "lift" to keep your knuckles out of your work and is thinned toward the end to make it useful in modeling even the smallest figures. Use the point for work in close places; its edges will fit into seams. The music wire loop can punch a slot or scrape or dig away excess clay. You can also use it to gently polish seams. Also the music wire loop is especially useful for shaping ears on figures and dolls by removing excess clay ("digging out" ears). The  "Jenny Fay" Tool (3/16" dia.) is useful for modeling any size figure all the way down to wargame size.

WA-2J Modeling Points Tool: Two rounded fine points for detailed work. Use the straight end for "spin-polishing" between the fingers and toes of small figures, behind ears, at the intersection of the upper lip and nose, cleaning up teeth, and other close seams. Use the angled point where the angle keeps the knuckles from dragging across the figure’s face.

WA-3J Contouring Spoons Tool: Use the inner curved surfaces of the contouring spoons to round and shape small rounded surfaces (heads, arms, fingers, toes). Use the outer curves to smooth.

WA-4J Goddess Modeling Tool. A slender, refined modeling tool. Ends are flat and pointed; one end is raised.

WA-5J Butter Knife & Magic Finger Tool: Ever wish you had tiny fingers with which to model and smooth? Your prayers are answered. The Magic Finger end of this tool will reach into the smallest spaces and smooth the smallest spots. The other end is a handy "butter knife" shape for smoothing, plus seams and wrinkles.


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