Miniatures and Dolls' Dolls Made by Walter and Dona Vaughn

Leprechaun_Closeup.jpg (4727 bytes)Walter's three-inch tall, FIMO (polymer clay) Leprechaun.






Pinky Doll.jpg (49682 bytes)Dona made this jointed, wigged, polymer clay doll for a dollhouse doll. It's flanked by two of Walter's tiny houses. Notice the quarter for scale.



Mini Dolls.jpg (109023 bytes)More jointed and wigged polymer clay dolls' dolls made by Dona, along with a house-shaped saving's bank for a dollhouse bookshelf. All the dolls are under two inches in height.





Micro Scale Houses.jpg (60923 bytes)Tiny houses and a model airplane made by Walter,  sitting on the bookshelf of an inch-scale dollhouse.  The penny on one of the shelves gives an idea of the scale.







Domino Set.jpg (43207 bytes)Domino set made by Walter for an inch-scale dollhouse.