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Ridge Tools Enlarged jpg.jpg (93633 bytes) To get a clear idea of the size of the tools, we recommend that you hold an inch-scale ruler up to the one pictured.

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For tips on their use, see below.


NC-1J Large Notch & Cone Tool $25.00
NC-2J Medium Notch & Cone Tool $25.00
NC-3J Small Notch & Cone Tool $25.00
NC-4J Fine Notch & Cone Tool $25.00
NT-5J Notch & Cone Tools Set
(all 4 Notch & Cone Tools) $85.00


Notch & Cone Tools may be used to model the clavicle (collarbone) or any other small ridge. First roll out a rope of clay. Lay the rope on the clay surface where you want the ridge. Use the Cone end of the tool to "seal" the edge of the rope in position. Place the Notch end over the top of the rope and drag it gently along the rope. Then use the Cone again to clean and smooth the sides of the ridge. Repeat carefully as necessary.

These versatile tools may be also be used for molding fingers and toes, especially on the bottom of the hand to create creases on the underside of the finger. They may also be used for the outside lobe of the ear, or to model strands of hair.